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Django differentiate between incorrect login information and inactive user on login

Currently I added in my site a method for email confirmation when registering. What I saw though, is that when the user is registered, but didn’t click in the confirmation link yet and tries to login, I can’t differentiate between wrong user/password and not confirmed user. This is my login function: The problem is that when running form.is_valid() the authenticate

OCR: Saving Words in a CSV-file

this is a part of my OCR code. This part looks for a special word in a scanned PDF and prints this out. I have like 10 Queries like this and all print me the word I am looking for. Now I want to get the found words saved in a CSV, but I don’t know how to do that.

Validation of WTForms in Flask using Postman

I am trying to Create a user using WTForms. But always I am getting validation error when checked using POSTMAN. I am not sure why this happens Postman screen shot what can be the reason for validation always failing in this case. Thanks in advance Answer For this to work from POSTMAN, set the config

I’m getting an error when comparing in text file with python

X,Y Matrix list In this matrix, like adding items such as 1×3,3×3,5×5 to the map, check each item according to the item id and if it is 1×3 and start from the starting coordinate, for example X:5 Y1, if the item is horizontal and it is , then push it to the y-axis once and to the x-axis 3 times.

Share Plex library in Dart

Hi Iā€™m figuring out how to share Plex library in dart. I’m helping myself with this working script in python ( it works) unfortunately my code returns an http error 400, bad request note: When I run the dart code there are no shared library. maybe the payload is not correct šŸ˜ Thank for any help } } Answer The

Qt – update view size on delegate sizeHint change

I have a QTreeView with a QStyledItemDelegate inside of it. When a certain action occurs to the delegate, its size is supposed to change. However I haven’t figured out how to get the QTreeView’s rows to resize in response to the delegate’s editor size changing. I tried QTreeView.updateGeometry and QTreeView.repaint and a couple other things but it doesn’t seem to

Python – How to pass elements stored in an array into a function?

All, I’m new to python, so hopefully this is not a dumb question, but I have not been able to find out directions/information of how to do this task. I am trying to create a program that determines if a given pixel is within a certain region. The method I found that recommended how to test this involves calculating polygonal

Google Drive API adding some string in file

I have been trying to replace files using google API only with the Python HTTPS module. But when I replace it. It adds some string to the file with text. Code: Text On Google Drive Before Replacing File: Text On Google Drive After Replacing File: Advance Thanks to @DaImTo I’ve just unlocked talk in chat. I don’t mind talking. Answer

implementation of Gateway Global filter in Kotlin to Java implementation

I have a scenario that I have some microservices, cloud gateway and eureka server. All microservices and cloud gateway registered on the eureka server. Cloud gateway will securing all the downstream services. When any user want to access the service first it will fill out the username and password for authentication on the cloud gateway. If the user will be